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Just tap the components of a hot spring in order street,
Effect and bathing method that has not been written in the hot spring analysis table, you can see bits of knowledge.
How to use
1. The world's largest hot spring analysis table that is posted at the entrance and the dressing room of the spa facilities!
2. Trying to find the "fountain quality name" you are writing to a hot spring analysis table!
3. In hot spring calculator, try to enter the fountain quality name!
For example, spring quality name
Acidic, sulfur-containing - calcium - sulfate, chloride hot spring
"Free" and "-" be included, we will enter in order from the head.
The end of the result when you enter the "hot spring" will come out.
Or post to the SNS along with a comment when you tap the share icon
It is possible to save the information to your smartphone, also available as a hot spring diary and notepad of the road.
Please use as a companion to the hot spring tour.
please note:
· The first time you start, it may take a long time to boot.
Izumi quality has adopted a new standard that has been revised in June 2014.
In the case where hot spring analysis table that was created this previously has been posted,
In this application a "?" In the mark, please use the "correspondence table of new and old fountain quality name".
• The hot spring manners Be careful.
- Hot spring facility dressing room of, please stop shooting in the bathing area.
Onsen sommelier text, etc.



Version: 1.011

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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