บทสวดมนต์พร้อมเสียง ไม่ต่อเน็ต

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Applications prayer session with audio on the net you can use the app to chant prayers and chanting prayers and compassionate use free translation compassionate voices chanting prayers for guidance. The app also is. Prayer is not a free zone with a prayer with the translation. Prayer with sound intuitive, easy to use prayer app for "prayer" as a free spell sacrifice Tmwatrechga - cool. Prayer over the years Prayer with a compassionate voice chanting a spell may sound, chanting sacred words. Prayer does not have to download your prayers sound free now.
Prayer may not use the Internet features.
- Prayer with sound Use plenty to choose from
- Free of charge.
- Easy to use, convenient, fast
- Select a prayer You want
- Supported on all your devices, whether mobile, smartphone, tablet operating system Android.
Thank you for your attention. Prayer may not use the Internet, we hope that the developer. Prayer may not use the net. Prayer with sound Will benefit you in the prayer chanted sacred verses spell compassionate, more or less, if you have suggestions to share their opinions with us to guide further development. Do not forget to rate it 5 stars if you like, and + 1 to support us, thank you :).



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android2.2 or later


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