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My Diary is inspired by Japanese animation film "Your name" (Jun の name wa).
[My Diary features and precautions]
● data stored in the cloud, using the phone must be connected to a network.
● register an account you can sync your data to all your devices.
● unwilling registered users, some features may also be used anonymously.
● After the anonymous account log out, the account recorded information can not be made again.
● diary, contacts and memos list, can slide from right to left through the finger, edit and delete menu is displayed.
[How to use the search function]
● "Diary" can be the subject matter, content and time to do the search.
  Time format can be used are: YYYY, YYYY-MM, YYYY-MM-DD, for example:
"2017" can search all 2017 diary
"2017-01" can search all diary in January 2017,
"2017-01-11" you can search for January 11, 2017 the day the diary.
● "Contact" for the name and phone can do a search.
● "memo" can do the title search.
[About My Diary]
● My Diary is developed using the Ionic 2 open source projects, friends who are interested can refer to the project homepage:
● Project development projects recorded in:



Version: 1.2.5

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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