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App in the new shopping experience of Itoya.
Merci point in app!
Anytime, anywhere, even while shopping in Ginza Itoya.
Since leaving check-up for search and inventory items to be worried until the settlement!
You can also select to receive the location of the goods.
1. deals shopping at Merci app!
With Merci app, you can receive the same deals services and Merci card. Even without carrying around a Merci card, you earn points only show the Merci app, you can use. Also, if you enter the credit card, without a wallet, you can shop.
2. Product information in front of your eyes is at hand!
At the time of shopping in Ginza Itoya, when you scan the bar code and QR code of the product to be worried about, products and of a different color, detailed product information, you can check as soon as the stock of Ginza Itoya.
You can also examine the customer's smartphone that did not know to listen to the clerk until now.
3. shopping in Ginza Itoya more freely!
· If you use a shopping basket in the smart phone, you can shopping empty-handed.
If you put an item into cart of Merci app, there is no need to carry the goods, you can shop empty-handed.
In addition, if you add the items to be worried about in the clip, or thinking carefully later, it is determined the items to buy in consultation with friends.
If - the online payment, you do not need to line up to the cash register.
If the online payment even in Ginza Itoya (credit card payment), you can smooth your shopping there is no need to line up to the cash register. When you're ready to trade, to be notified to the Merci app, you receive the goods in your favorite timing.
And purchasing the goods You can choose your favorite receiving method.
Merci items purchased in the app, you can choose a variety of receiving method.
If you want to use the product in the PICKUP counter of Ginza Itoya, when the take-away is very You can choose your delivery.
4. even without coming to a store in Ginza Itoya, you can shopping!
Even without coming to a store in Ginza Itoya, to search for items in the Merci app, you can purchase the stock items.
Of course, your delivery to the home, received at the store also makes it possible, you receive the goods at your convenience.



Version: 1.2

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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