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Application (jobs per day Saudi Arabia) publishes an application Alaudhaiv available within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for residents and foreign nationals
It contains:
√ the most important job vacancies
√ jobs for residents and foreign nationals
√ jobs engineers
√ jobs doctors
√ Professional posts
√ professional jobs
√ Jobs in hotels and tourism
√ tuition jobs and Skrteraa
√ jobs and skilled workers
√ Jobs in the largest companies
√ Jobs in Jeddah
√ Jobs in Riyadh
√ government jobs
√ jobs newspapers Saudi Arabia
√ industrial jobs
√ administrative functions
√ legal jobs
√ jobs teachers
√ jobs today
√ Functions broker
√ Functions Zain
√ Functions STC
Application features
Application features:
* Light and fast application and does not require a large space
* Harmonic and convenient application for all users
* Possibility of searching for topics
* The possibility of the participation of topics across different social networks
(Facebook - Twitter - whatsapp -Google + - Hangouts)
* Change the layout, style and color shape according to the user's desire
* Icon to Favorites



Version: 1.4

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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