コグニメン for 鶏ポタ - お客さまを覚える顔パスアプリ

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Food & Drink | 22.9MB


- Face learn all the customers who were popular ramen shops and collaboration Pasuapuri -
Smarter meals at the shop in the ◆ app
1. only be sent to take a face photo, simple registration!
Over-the-counter of the robot, "Sota ™ (sorter) ※ 1" will tell you!
2. would face path!
Sota will service to remember you in the shop.
Happy every time to eat three times service!
3. ate until now the menu can be confirmed
Then I want to eat, menu anxious check in the app in advance!
◆ notes on use
Per terminal, and are readily available only for one person.
※ or re-install the app, is to change the model of the terminal, the app - from "Other> About model change", please contact us to save the pre-ID.
Kogunimen was collaboration with the popular noodle shop of chicken Pota ramen THANK (thunk),
It is a service that utilizes face recognition function of Microsoft Azure cognitive services.
◆ Microsoft Azure
◆ operating company (head Waters Co., Ltd.)
◆ Kogunimen Terms of Use
Please be sure to check before you use ※.
◆ Privacy Policy
◆ For chicken Pota ramen THANK (thunk)
※ 1: "Sota ™" is a registered trademark of Vuisuton Corporation.
◆ behavior recommended environment
[Android] Android OS5.0 ~ 7.0
※ You only OS that is released as official version.



Version: 1.0.3

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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