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※ Plarail app that corresponds to the "driving! Double camera Doctor yellow in the smartphone" appeared!
While watching a video sent from Pla in the smartphone screen you can control, such as a departure-stop of Plarail!
※ It is possible to Plarail "operation in the smartphone! Double camera Doctor Yellow" to play a "driving game mode" in the screen even touch without!
※ Plarail "operation in the smartphone! Double camera Doctor Yellow" national major toy store, please purchase in a Tomy mall, etc..
● "operation mode"
This mode is play with the double camera Doctor Yellow and smartphone. While watching the video sent from the Pla in the smartphone is possible operation of the vehicle. Effects occur, such as weather changes and time zone changes also can be set during the operation. Video recording of the operation screen is also possible.
The main operation
1. reception of double camera Doctor yellow of the video
2. the second forward speed of the double camera Doctor yellow, stop, one reverse speed operation
3. switching of camera
● play "operation game mode" type
It is a game mode where you can enjoy the mood to train driver only on smartphones.
It is possible to operate the CG image in the background.
1. in the motorman point of view, the second forward speed, stop operation
Background image, you can change, such as streets and mountains.
2. horn, you can light up the light.
※ switching of the camera, you can not, such as the reverse.



Version: 1.0.2016102716

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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