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Full ♪ ideas of living
The idea of ​​"how to make kyaraben" "storage surgery" such as life practical nationwide gurus of life teach "100 average use of surgery," is packed.
Living Nisuta is the official app of the media of housewives for a user to more than 300 million people every month are viewing.
It can also be read by a useless, such as column article by SHUFUNOTOMO that issues such as life practical magazine.
★ information obtained by the living Nisuta ★
· 100 Hitoshi (Seria, Daiso) use of surgery, shorter working hours recipes, ideas for fun and life from all over the country of the user, such as storage surgery can view a lot every day.
- Will meet to products that do not know you in good were products of the report that buying such as frozen food and 100 average item.
· Living beans knowledge and everyone makes a questionnaire about things to be worried about, the editing unit has originated as a column.
★ Let's contribution to living Nisuta ★
It was learned from family, what you have learned in school, that was affected by the friend. You know that the day-to-day awareness and learn and grow the people?
Life is gathering place people enjoy every day in various learning and idea in a double register.
Please try by all means also posted your nice idea because it is held at any time even contest.
★ I recommend this hotel for ★
· Know the wisdom of life you want to enjoy every day of life!
- My work and the idea want to see a lot of people!
- Person of the room (room) and you want to clip the essence of life!
- I would like to participate in the contest!
- I also want to collect all the information of life in addition to the recipes!
Let's enjoy every day of life download living Nisuta!



Version: 1.0.1

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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