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Local information site of Higashi-Osaka "Weekly Higashi-Osaka" has finally become the app.
Delicious shops and of Higashi-Osaka, fun events, such as the latest information of rugby, will deliver the almost daily seasonal information of Higashi-Osaka.
■ Weekly Higashi feature
Full gourmet information of Higashi-Osaka is
Covering the event information of Higashi-Osaka
Rugby of information enhancement as information site of Rugby town
Questions the landscape nothing of Higashi Osaka as a quiz
News sites that play the Higashi Osaka
■ Recommended for Travellers
Higashi and people who live in the neighborhood
People that are commuting to the company of Higashi-Osaka
People who lived long ago in Higashi-Osaka
The person who is a little care thing of Higashi-Osaka
People who like rugby
During the morning commute, busy day-to-day of a little breather, when looking for a getaway spots of the weekend, "Shuhi is" Let's get the fun and deals in the app.



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android 4.0.3 or later


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