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New.! App "added True Pro Network" highly recommended experience convenient, simple, opting for packages TrueMove H. Quickly and easily without the hassle By enhancing the promotion of TrueMove H. Classified as Category 5 based on lifestyle preferences.
1. Professional Advice
=> Copy popular pro pro pro hits included special offers.
2. I call
=> Lifestyle call on both networks. And all networks
3. Like the Internet / WiFi
=> Surfing on the Internet, both limited and unlimited packages include WiFi, available on-demand applications.
4. call / Netbook
=> On the phone and surf the Internet. Meet all requirements cost-effectively.
5. Social Like
=> On chat posts, shares, likes the full enjoyment of all forms.
     In five categories, grouped according to the date of service. So easy to use on-demand services. Ledger day automatic renewal To prevent confusion in the service. The group added, "I do not know the code" support services TrueMove H to apply canceled check can access easily. And other services Interestingly, the App "fill your room."
     However, all packages Focused on constantly updated information To keep pace with the demand for customer service quickly. Convenient access Easy Select package. And the best value for money
     Advice for new clients exclusive access to load the App and old customers. Join the fun activities with App "added True Pro Network" via Facebook ( grant special prizes to customers. Prepare to welcome all customers to join it.



Version: 1.1

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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