কবরের আযাব (Koborer Ajab)

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Rahim Bismillahir Rahmanir
After mrrtyura from the tomb began life hereafter. The grave that will be released throughout the life of the Hereafter, So all of us should try to be at peace, so that we can live in peace in the tomb for him to be released from the punishment in Islam is more practiced karakabarera some guidance. So I organized this year for the punishment of the grave (Koborer Ajab)
Some of the brothers, some small blessings Alam, multiple reward if they can be punished. We can practice without the blessings of the moment, and we can achieve a lot of reward. Prayer, or to pray it is very important for the Muslim community | One thing is every Muslim to Allah alone to ask for anything, if in prayer, then the prayer asking some rules, each asking for the separate blessings separate actions, because one prayer, one of the Virtues, many of us do not know that any time the prayer is read or what are the virtues of prayer when it is, so that we do not ask us again without the blessings of such and Hadith have explained that we want at least to allalahara Instead, God is the same for any of us, or what is to save you from whatever was allocated for the Hereafter, Allah is Most High, he parana regret at the court of wisdom "wisdom does not want to do anything if you do not hand |
Almost every day we wear a variety of problems. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (S :) and read. But all that could solve some of the blessings. For example: "the danger of the release of the prayer" Poets sin-sized prayer "daily prayers" Twenty million reward prayers "go to the bathroom and came out and blessed" pain relief blessings, "prayers, blessings" apology and repentance prayer "Kursi" Sijdah dua "loans from the the blessings of being released, "entered the mosque and prayed out" after waking transport blessed "to enter and exit the house to pray" prayer gets up to go to sleep, "Paradise The prayer "Hell punishment from the release of the prayer" jayanamajera bless "the funeral prayers, blessings," bless offer Qunut "blessing machura" blessings Sharif "Al-Fatihah" Al-Fill "Al-Quraysh" Al-Maun "Al kaphirula" Al-Nasr "Al-Lahab" Surah "Al Falaq "Surah an-Nas" humajaha Surah "Al Asr 'prayer blessing," the forgiveness of sins, to pray, "what a blessing when the" blessing Bengali homes "Bengali devotional book," the blessing of freedom from danger, "" She Bengali prayers Sa "remembrance" prayers for the chapter and pray "prayer rule" good deeds "prayer intentions" feature prayers "Prayer Surat" prayer services "prayer Virtue" prayer of Jonah and its Virtue "No prayer is Virtue" mental competency to increase the regime, "Biden" Sana'a "the greatest blessing," to increase the reward, "Al-looking organizations can come to visit our appsa channels at once, and if necessary will install mobile appsa"
Do not forget to me, but to God prathana time | I hope will encourage us with your valuable comments and ratings.
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