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Anyone iteusijyo went spinning around inde destination is right in front of eye care experience can not find a parking lot?
Parking near the destination search via the app, you can receive discounted parking rates.
It can also open the windows in the car via a smartphone without the need to reach out and calculate the machine quickly and easily calculate and directly chulcha.
Key Features * Service
 - AJ Pass: When you register a credit card can be used only once during the chulcha app billing rates do not have to wait for the fee payment clearinghouse.
 - Mobile Settlement Price: using a mobile ipcha right to pre-settle the parking fee by credit card or pay to support the cacao chulcha not wait. It can also search for the vehicle number, as well as a vehicle to pay the parking fee instead of the other vehicle.
 - Parking fee discount information: to provide the association with destination partners around the parking rates and offers reasonable parking assist.
 - Pass Application: Pass application process that is uncomfortable, feel free to existing forget. Parking without a referral from your smartphone, you can apply to extend the pass.
 - Search Parking: Garage Favorite Add to favorites - you can go to without question one at a time using a variety of navigation, including car park timaep first visit, cacao Navi, Navi to Naver.
AJ Park is hope for your life convenient parking. Thank you.
AJ Park Smart Parking world is creating "smart AJ Park"
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact: -
Customer Center: 1899-1485
Sales Enquiries: 1670-8302



Version: 1.05

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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