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Play Maker - create and enjoy learning!
Creating a playmaker sees images of friends and DIY experts, learn, create reports, and applications just for children to enjoy.
Informing professionals looking to learn DIY (Do-It-Yourself) video, create and share your own ideas to work by taking a picture or a video, and try proud!
1. Experts provided video of DIY
Five kinds of world with STEAM theme - science world, technology world, the engineering world, the world of art, mathematics world - you can learn from watching the video of the fun DIY specialists in each field.
2. I Post
The idea want to create a professional looking images Did emerged? Shooting video or photos, creating, and, please put through the 'Post' button above right app!
3. the master and the world Decorating
Raising more than five images in one area, it can become a master! Deuryeoyo pretty buildings to customize your world. As much as possible to collect various buildings in many areas, Customize your own personality in the world!
■ LG Sangnam Library Introduction
LG Sangnam Library was the first library to read by the digital library operated by LG in Korea Foundation Cultural soft rock, country science exciting cyber LG Sciences Land ( and books (http: // voice. and operates. In this new LG Sangnam Library is open to children making community service playmaker ( in order to foster a domestic manufacturer cultural diffusion and new scientific talent.



Version: 31

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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