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All the important information on credit land
........... what we have ....
"Namajari" What
"Dismiss the" key
"Ledger" What
Land survey
CS Survey / record
SA Survey
RS Survey
City survey
"Parca" What
"Village" What
"Schedule" What
"Stain" What
"Stain release" key
"Khanapuri" What
"Amen," and what do his work
"Cadastral" What
"Rent" is where and how to pay
"Entries" What
"Kabuliyata" What
"Horseshoe land" What
"Demesne" What
"Chandina VT" What
"Waqf" What
"Motayalli" What
"Temporality" Do
"Pharayeja" What
"Inherit" is how are you
What dakhalanama
What certificate of sale
The amount of land system
Katha, acres and acres in size
Measuring a variety of regional
Acre-katha accounts



Version: 1.0.2

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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