롯데월드 아쿠아리움

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■ Smart Ticketing
- Want to buy affordable tickets? Select only the date and the person you will find the best discount.
- I find multilateralism special training and experience programs? Apply the domestic largest aquarium education programs and experience now mobile.
■ Quick entry and various benefits
- Tired of waiting at the box office? Sign in Mobile ticketing Tickets can be immediately Aquarium admission.
- Need Coupons? If you entry into the mobile ticket and qualify to win a variety of coupons available on-site.
■ Easy Add-ons
- At the time of ticketing mobile tickets, mobile parking vouchers are issued automatically. For now easy settlement also advance parking ~
■ Key Features
Education / Experience Program Registration
- Mobile ticketing and admission
- Downloading and using coupons
- Mobile parking vouchers
■ Other
- Aquarium, AQUARIUM, Lotte aqua, aqua, AQUA, Lotte Mall, Lotte World, Lotte World Aquarium, Aquarium



Version: 1.0.1

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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