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Instituting a bonus card each time you visit our service center and get the points.
For the earned points you can get nice gifts!
Your first gift you can get when you visit already.
About us
"The Road Home", a car wash you?
-Responsible? - 100%!
-Punctual? - Highly!
-Predictable? - Yes!
-Comfortable? - More than!
-Comfortable? -Vesma!
-Modern? - Of course!
-Imidzhevy - Yes!
-And While available? - It is!
-C Whom I have to deal - with good people, for whom the car wash - it is a profession, and service people-calling!
-What Does this can be auto repair? - If he wants to be so, then yes! For me to be in this service is a conscious choice!
You also have a choice! I appreciate it, I respect and thank you for what you are doing it in our favor! Expectations and credibility justify!
In the name of "The Road Home" Shadura Sergey, General Director of "The Road Home".
+375 29 1800924
Main Road service station



Version: 12.53

Requires: Android2.1 or later


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