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Want to quickly learn Spanish?
Samouchitel WORDS RUN - this is an easy and fast way to learn Spanish on your mobile device.
Applications Run Words are perfect for those who teach a foreign language from scratch, and those who need to improve their knowledge or expand your vocabulary.
Words Run the application - is:
   ◆ Gold phrases and the most popular topics of Spanish - FREE
   ◆ Exciting activities in a playful way to quickly learn new words
   ◆ Intensive method of remembering and easy test of knowledge
   ◆ Trainers pronunciation and spelling, audiodialogi for the perception of foreign language at the hearing
   ◆ The thematic clusters - learn topics that are relevant to you right now
   ◆ GIFTS to each set - support materials for learning Spanish
   ◆ After the registration application, you will gain access to additional power, "Expression of the Emotions"
   ◆ Regular shares on the most popular learning blocks
   ◆ The lessons of grammar and phonetics, spelling, irregular verbs without cramming.
   ◆ New! "Audiokurs" and "Audiorazgovornik 'perception of foreign language will be taught by ear. Runs in the background, it is convenient to study the language in parallel with other activities
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Learn Spanish in any place and at any time of the tutorial WORDS RUN.



Version: 1.7.3

Requires: Android2.3 or later


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