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mHealth Connect is a medical application designed to work with biosensors.
Now app works with Abbott FreeStyle Libre biosensors.
Application has the following features:
- Reading the FreeStyle Libre sensor with NFC wireless technology, a small-range, one-touch, technology that allows data to be exchanged between devices, primarily smartphones and contactless payment terminals that are about 10 cm away);
- display of the smartphone graphs glucose levels from the intercellular fluid (according to the FreeStyle Libre sensor) for the period and the extreme data in digital form;
- it is possible to turn on the "Send data to server" mode - this mode will allow you to store scanned data during one year;
Before using the app:
1. Check that the date is correct on the phone, it is recommended that the date and time have automatic settings.
2. Check if your device supports NFC, if supported - turn on. If NFC is not supported or disabled, the app will notify you at startup.
To scan the device, lift the phone to the FreeStyle Libre sensor. When the scan starts, the phone will make a short vibration when it finishes scanning - it will make a second time short vibration.
After that you will be able to view the list of sensors in the menu "My devices".
In order for the data to be automatically downloaded to the server and can be viewed through the web application, authorization should be made.
Keep in mind that when you sign out of your account, all data on the device will be deleted and can only be viewed through the web app if you synchronized them.
This application is not approved by Abbott and there is no guarantee of correct glucose values read from the Abbott Freestyle Libre sensor.
This program is not intended as a replacement for your doctor and diabetes specialist. For any questions, ask your doctor.
If you have any problem or question, please send us an email request We want to improve apps, but we can not do this without your feedback!



Version: 1.0.0

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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