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mTorrent app is Ad-free, Advance, Premium Torrent Application for Android Smartphones. This is the Completely free Torrent App for Android mobile phones & tablets
This Android application helps you to download (torrent) your your phone or tablet in a very easy & Completely free way. This is Full features mobile app which has few of the Most Advanced features to ease the process of Downloading torrent on Android.
unlike the rest this torrent downloader comes with no download speed or download size limits. Additionally this Torrent app for ANdroid not comes of any kind of Anoying ads, So if you tired of So much ads then you can Try this app. its 100% ad free
How can i Use mTorrent app?
* To use mTorrent First user needs to go on the Page/Website from where you have to Download Torrent.
* Tap on the Option to Download the Torrent.
* Your browser will ask you to to Choose app to perform this Action.
* Choose MyTorrent App and Make it Default.
* Download will be start shortly.
* Alternatively You can use the Floating Shortcut bar (+) Icon to Add the Link of Torrent.
This Android Torrent App also comes with Other Advance Features Like shedule the Downloading, Automatically fatch certain torrents from using RSS features. Even you can Create your own torrent file and share with the rest of the World by using it.
Here is the features that we currently have in mTorrent App
✔ It has Auto-shutdown feature to Automatically exit app when Downloading will finish.
✔ Shedule the Downloading.
✔ You can Create your Own torrent File.
✔ With the help of RSS feature you can Automatically fetch & Download the Torrent from certain sites.
✔ There is No speed limits and no size limits. Completely free for Lifetime.
✔ There is no ads to annoy you, Completely free from Ads.
✔ Easily change file path with inbuilt file manager.
✔ You can Easily switch between night, Day & Dark mode. All 3 options is available in setting menu.
✔ Advanced information while Downloading the files.
✔ Beautifully light, clean design.
✔ Wi-Fi mode to save mobile data.
✔ Option to keep CPU Awake to ignore Screen turn off.
✔ Battery Control feature to Pause when battery Lavel is down.
✔DHT, LSD, UTP, UPnP, NAT-PMP, Encryption mode & option to turn on Ip filtering.



Version: 1.9

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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