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Is a tool to simulate the stab pattern of "Kaga thimble" transmitted to Kanazawa.
Changing the color, instead of the number of stages, Let's make love "Kaga thimble" pattern!
■ toward making the Kaga thimble ■
Pattern drawn with geometric repetition, has a simple yet wide range of variation.
Please take advantage as an auxiliary tool of when you think the stabbing pattern.
In addition to displaying the completed form from the procedure, you can also see the middle of the state.
■ to the people have never made a Kaga thimble ■
Please know the Kaga thimble of charm by all means.
Or changing the color in this app, you will be thrilled just to or increase.
● can be ●
- Free combination of panel layout and Tobi
- Average stab, open stab reproduction of
- Designation of the color of the thread (possible color change in the middle of the frame)
- Stabbing display in the middle of a state (can be operated with the slider)
- Save stab pattern to file
- Read the saved stabbed pattern



Version: 1.0.1

Requires: Android4.2 or later


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