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100% free (and will always be that way) memosnag lets you easily save and organize anything you like online. Whether you are doing a shopping list, looking up products that you'd like to buy, working on a house remodel or doing online research, everyday you come across things online that you want or need to save. memosnag was invented to just do that and to make it as easy as possible.
With the memosang android app, you can easily save virtually anything from Chrome and most other apps using the standard sharing function you use to share on social media. Simply tap the share button, select memosnag and whatever you were looking at on your android phone is saved in your memosnag account. Find everything you saved in your personal memosnag Gallery and create Collections to organize your saves. You can keep your Collections private, make them public or invite friends to view and contribute with their own saves. You can take photos from within a collection, comment, like and unlike snags.
memosnag is also available for iOS and on web for Chrome and Firefox, so that you can save and see anything you like, no matter what device you are using.



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.4 or later


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