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It is Abu Saeed Abdul Malik bin close to bin Malik bin Ali Ibn Asama. And Asmaee proportion to Jeddah Asama top. Born in Basra and Baghdad made a day-Rashid died in Basra. He studied the Hadith, language, poetry, news and anecdotes until he became an imam in these sciences.
The Asmaee sea in the language does not know like him, which abounded novel, also known for his power conservation. Has been characterized by honesty, piety and lack of seclusion, but with him the whole scientists. As was the subject of the caliphs trust him until the reign of Harun al-Rashid and his son discipline secretary and safe.
He is the author of various books printed some of them, such as the immortality of the human creation of camels, horses, sheep, monster and Asmaaat located in 195 selected poem to one seventy poet where outweigh the value of linguistic and artistic value.
Stated in the "mortality objects" to the son of Khalkan: Abu Saeed Abdul Malik bin near bin Abdul Malik bin Ali bin Osama bin appearance bin winds ibn Amr ibn Abd Shams bin the educated bin Saad bin Abdullah bin sheep bin Koutaiba bin Maan bin Malik bin eras bin Saad bin Eilan Qais bin Mudar bin Nizar bin contagious bin Adnan, known Balosamaa Baahili, but his Baahili and not in the proportion of his family name because his family woman Malik bin name eras were told, and was told that his family son eras.
The Asma'i mentioned his language towards, and an imam in the news and anecdotes, salt and wacky, Ben pilgrims Division heard and thanksgiving and is priced Msar Bin Kdam and others, narrated by Abdul Rahman nephew Abdullah and Abu Obeid Bin Qasim peace and Abu Hatem Sijistani and Abolfazl Riachy and others, one of the people of Basra, and gave Baghdad in the days of Harun al-Rashid.
It was said to Abu Nawas: Abu Ubaida has brought to Asma'i and rational, he said: The Abu Obeida said they read them first Omknuh News and others, and the Asma'i Vbulbul Atrabhm Bengmath.
He said Omar bin alum: I heard Asma'i says: save sixteen thousand Arjosh. Isaac said Musli: I have not seen Asma'i claim something of a flag shall know him by.
"Recounted Mohammed bin Hubaira said: Asma'i for Kasaeizadeh said two when Rasheed: What is the meaning shepherd saying:
Killed Ibn Affan caliph taboo
He called and did not see like forsaken
Alexaii said the pilgrimage was forbidden, Asma'i said: What Adi ibn Zaid wanted, saying:
Fractions were killed at night taboo
He withdrew not entertain shroud
Do pilgrimage was forbidden? And any fractions of Ihram? Rasheed said Kasaeizadeh: If the hair came beware and Asma'i. Asma'i said, saying "taboo" in the sanctity of Islam and then killed a Muslim taboo, that is not resolved in the same thing requires murder; and his "taboo" in the fractions mean the sanctity of the covenant which was in the neck of his companions "spring Bin Sulaiman. He said: I heard Shafei, Radhi God bless him, he says: what a cross from the Arabs of the best Asma'i phrase. The military said Abu Ahmed: I was keen on the safe Asma'i Basra to become a man has done to him and protested his weakness and magnify, was safe combines the problem of issues and driven him to answer them.
He Asma'i: I attended and Muthanna bin Muammar Abu Obeida al-Fadl ibn spring when he said to me: how much of your book in the horse? I said: leather one, he asked the father Obeida for his book, he said: Fifty hardcover, said to him, then to the Persians and grabbed a member of a member of it and call it, he said: I'm not Bitara, but this is something I took from the Arabs, he said to me: Arise, O Osamai and do it, so I did and I grabbed Nasith and embarked mention a member of a member and I put my hands and sang him what the Arabs said, to be offloaded from him, he said: Take it, I took him, and you if you want to be a father Obeida The anger knee him. Roy was no other way that it was when Harun al-Rashid, and Asma'i when he had left his members in the Persian Rashid Abu Obeida said: what it says in what he said? He said: hit in some and missed some, the one who hit it to me to learn, and who sinned, what wonder where he came from him.
They were very guard in the interpretation of the Quran and Sunnah, when he is asked about something of them says: Arabs say the meaning of this well, I do not know him to be in the Quran and Sunnah anything is.
And news and many Nuadrh, "Mohammed bin Hassan bin Duraid happened he said: Tell us about Asma'i Abu Hatim said: entered on good track Aaron and his council, he said: Osamai Hey, what about us and Ogfalak Oajafak to Houdratna! I said: God, O faithful What to Buy a country after you until Otik, he said, he told me to sit down, I sat down and kept silent about me, and when people dispersed, but the least I got to do, he recalled that sit sat up except for the Council was left Giri Among the hands of the servants, he said: O Abu Sa'eed, what is the meaning of what you say after you Buy a country? I said: What grabbed me, O Commander of the faithful, and sang the words of the poet:
Enough palm worthy of what dirhams
Presence, and other blood given by the sword



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