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S Memo app released for free 11th anniversary commemorative event in progress!
Event 01
 - 111/1111 / 11111th installation / him to join the Galaxy Tab will be S2.
Event 02
 - Download Starbucks double shot of him getting all the registered members
   (First come, first served 5000 people, CU Starbucks Double Shot Gifticon)
* Event winner after the individual announcements and winners pay taxes
** Event proceeds until the 11111th winner!
S Note is a notepad can synchronize PC and mobile. Please note anytime and anywhere.
(S memo is the latest free version of SMemo Plus.)
The experience of 500 10 002 S Note PC is now available for free in your mobile.
1. Features
- Complete synchronization: Smartphones - PC Sync notes in real time
- Concurrent support: multiple PC, a smartphone can be connected simultaneously
- Secure storage: All data encryption and backup storage
- Time Notes: notes written notification settings at any time.
- Quick note: quickly and easily create one-line note.
- Notes management: Color / folder easy to manage specific view notes.
* Note Only data synchronization and scheduled synchronization service schedule is updated later.
** Only Android versions are supported, iOS version is under development.
2. Sync Check Point!
- PC App will need to use the latest version 5.0 or later.
- Notes written on your PC are automatically synchronized with the mobile in real time (automatic synchronization settings).
- Notes written in mobile haejusimyeon is a "Sync" setting in the menu on the PC S Memo.
3. Use Service
- S Memo is a service available after registration. .
-: SMemo Plus ". Paid App is an older version of S Memo If you would like to use the latest version of" Please use the S-Memo ".
- Questions 1 S Memo website ( 1, please use the contact to the menu.
4. Premium Services
- Payment is currently only available to PC and premium services are available upon logging in after payment App.
5. Support and model range
- Supported OS is Android 4.0 or later model supports all models of 800 * 480 or higher resolution.
(It may not work in some of the top smart phones.)
- If you are using one of foreign countries (China, etc.) Please understand that it may be unavailable depending on the local situation.



Version: 1.1.2

Requires: Android3.0 or later


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