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In some situations, it may be useful NLP game "Alphabet" New Code?
- In situations where you're tired, but we need to continue to work, and need a quick way to cheer yourself.
- In situations where you need to find a solution to any problem and ideas on how to approach it is not.
- In situations where you have to work hard, responsible performance and the need to accelerate your consciousness.
- In situations where you need to calm down and lead to normal thinking.
How does the game New Code NLP "Alphabet"?
During the game you give additional burden on the few channels of perception of the world (you think you watch something, commit acts). As a result of your thinking to cope with the load faster and you start to act and think more productively.
Rules of the game:
The game lasts for 10-15 minutes. Before the game, specify a goal you want to achieve with the game. For example, you want to relax or to find a solution of problem (specify problem). Then start the game. The screen will show the letters. You need to say aloud the top letter and at the same time depending on the letters below to perform a certain action.
If it is written the letter A, then raise the left arm.
Letter - P - right hand.
Letter - O - both hands.
More details about the game NLP "Alphabet" New code you can find on the page -



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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