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The appendix contains a dynamically updated collection of articles on various topics: The most mysterious, inexplicable, interesting facts, news, science and technology, the riddle of history and civilization, archeology, conspiracy theories, UFOs, space, aliens, amazing places on the planet, the elements and disasters, Psychology , useful tips, a mystic, abnormal for you in a convenient format. In our multi-faceted world of the unknown and yet so intriguing ...
We strongly recommend that the first launch of an application to carry on WI-FI
because The article contains a lot of multimedia content. When you first start loading articles for the previous few days. Application in the background automatically synchronizes the new materials, to save bandwidth (in the case of limited connectivity) go to settings select "Sync." Pre-loaded articles are available offline.
Materials published in our application is an Internet survey of media. All articles and videos are presented for review, analysis and discussion. According to the developers, and your opinion may be partially or completely reflect the views of the authors of publications.
Respective owners.
It so happens that the user does not provide links to the original sources or references are indicated incorrectly, indicating secondary sources taken from various sites on the Internet. By this, developers disclaim all liability for copyright infringement.
If you believe that any material in our application (text, audio and video content, images, etc.) Was placed without your permission or without proper feedback links to your site, please contact us at below mentioned contact details. We always go to a meeting of the authors and fix back links to materials or to remove any materials upon request of authors, publishers and rights holders.



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