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Here is the answer to those tiresome multiplication table exercises with your child This android app will flash a sequence of multiplication table questions, and you child will enter the answers to each using a virtual numeric keypad with nice large keys.The virtual keypad even has a delete key so that hitting the wrong button can be corrected before getting charged with a wrong answer.Each question will be selected randomly by the program You or your child can select the total number of questions for the sequence before the start.Since a given sequence will have no repeated questions, there can be up to 28 different questions in the sequence.Another unique feature that distinguishes this app from the countless other flashcard type apps after each incorrect answer the subject is forced to view the multiplication table so that heshe is forced to become familiar with the table and its relationships. The number of correct and incorrect answers is tallied and displayed at the end of the session so that you can verify your childs progress.In constructing the multiplication table questions the numbers 10 and 2 are omitted because they make the multiplication question too easy, and the child would be annoyed at having to waste time answering trivial questions.



Version: 5.0

Requires: Android1.6 or later


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