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MySales offers a convenient, smooth and analytical solution to handle sales operations from 'lead generation' to 'lead conversion'. It is a fully automated holistic solution that minimizes manual errors in processing leads, ensure timely actions and target focused team.
- Skill and performance based call distribution system that Eases the life of the Lead-handlers. The app removes the hustle of finding and calling leads. It allows the Lead-handlers to have an automated call list where they can just sit, attend calls and focus on its conversion.
- The Lead-handler will be able to see the historical data of the call, be able to update the details and mark follow-ups, registrations, and admissions.
- The Lead-handler will be able to make informed decisions on which bucket the lead needs to be added (For Eg: which student needs to be placed in which course).
- Fully integrated with mySales+ application that provides intelligent insights to drive sales and targets for a center.



Version: 1.6

Requires: Android6.0 or later


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