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my organic farm is founded by Yasodhar Reddy, his mission is to make healthy organic foods available to all.
my organic farm grows natural healthy food in their owned farms using local farmers.
my organic farm stands for healthy nutrition and a healthy lifestyle and supports the Organic Movement.
Our method of functioning
1. Membership program helps you to book the specified plot for you. And In the app, you can select the Vegetables you want to Grow.
2. Our Professional Team will plant the choosen vegetables by you in the real farm bed and make them grow for yeilding the vegetables.
3. Once your Vegetables are ready then then you can visit the farm and pick it up by yourself or we will deliver to your Delivery Address.
All the crops will be grown in Natural Farming methods using
Jeeva Amruit prepared using Cow dung, Cow urine, Jaggery, Live Mud, Basin Powder
in order to get the best Natural and Healthy feel vegetables.
We DON'T use Chemical Fertilizer at all for PEST Control.
We prepare our own Homemade Insecticides, Pesticides, Fungicides and anti-biotics using Natural Methods using Neem Oil,
Sour Butter Milk, Sour Curd, Sugar Cane Molasis, Boiled Rice, Baking Yeast Powder, etc



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