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Introduction Lexicon flags department Morocco Heritage Society
Provide / Mohammed Saleh Nasser
Lexicon flags Ibadi, like other specialized translations men dictionaries, and most in the march of Islamic civilization, has been such a large scientific work a dream of dreams Heritage Society, since its founding in 1983, and is a modern officials in the administrative and scientific their sessions, even if from God Assembly Bkkbh of the sons of university academics, who have realized by virtue of their specialties, and composition, and directing them, the importance of this great work; turning the dream of their hand to the fact, and became the hope thanks to their enthusiasm and their grandfather's work, and rolled sessions scientific and evening gowns, and numerous closed Internships, did not differentiate workers loyal during the An official volunteers, and free revered, and concern and emptied, was not looking forward young enthusiasts conscious to a penalty of one, and did not Atzahmwa to appear in front of (the cameras), as crowded on the books, working in silence and perseverance, as he was Raidhm sincerity of intention to God alone, and motivated by highlighting the Islamic heritage, not above it or beyond defended.
And competed villages and cities to host these training sessions, but scientific sessions, of Qarara to Algeria, to Ghardaia, to Batna, and Argelan to kindness, to Bani Asagn, to Bannoura and Brian and Malika ... and others.
It was a closed Internships are held and the people in crashes, but the young people were compensated depriving them from the comfort of the holidays, they find the thrill of disclosure, and the sweetness of the search, including Istnhqouna of perfume glorious history which piles by those yellow leaves, where the piling up of sources and references, and round, university students between the Editor and the sighting, you could hear the campus only whispered inquiry or the rustle of paper, and does not see is the heads humbled delve into the past of civilization afternoon, eagerly pursued and love, and questioning with hope and longing.
May Allaah those undergraduates young men who were the fuel of this work and its engine, and Park in breaths professors and sheikhs loyal who bless this work, and have followed his career as compassionate Father follows the steps and his love and humping, and I think I must need to customize a mention because the collective work, not to illustrate issued people thanking God as long as the penalty fulfilled all Medha.
If I was the word in this presentation are like the word out to the reader, pleading with him to look at this lexical work on it and the beginning of the workout, because it is the work of young students who are always in need of care and correction.
Thus, the best of what kind enough to do the reader to celebrate this achievement of it, is what will benefit him by observations and Astdrakat, the pursuance of such remains always need to supplement the assistance, support and assistance.
As a final word I would like them to supervisors of this great scientific work - which is in its infancy - that does not wait for Thanksgiving to one because the penalty fully not only from God alone, and not Igtroa including accomplished the vanity enemy of science, who earned the devil virtuous I know. It is a first step in a long path, and then drop a promising pouring tear.
{Say work soon will Allah observe your work and His Messenger and the believers and Strdon to the world of the unseen and the truth of what you did}.
Lexicon flags Ibadi (bright section)
Perhaps the question that comes to the mind of the reader, which surfs these parts of the "Lexicon flags Ibadi in the Orient", why this dictionary?
The objective motive behind this great scientific work is to highlight the part of the heritage of human civilization, along with the still unknown or obscure, despite the great role it occupies in the pages of history. Desiring to bring this heritage of scholars and researchers and ordinary readers, we have seen that the optimal way to make the reader close to this heritage is the biographies of personalities who have contributed one way or another generally in the construction side of the great Islamic civilization.
The reader when he returns to the translation of a character, foresees which face bright or bleak our history is full of contradictions, like him, such as the history of every nation contributed a share galore in upholding the building of the Islamic edifice, and surfs the faces evacuated scholars and imams virtuous, and kings with dignity, judges, writers and poets, the leaders of these Tmaojt their homelands from the great Islamic world over fourteen centuries.
That is the general motivation which every Muslim is a sincere honest join us no doubt.
 We arranged the names contained in the lexicon alphabetical order, by reference to the name of science is not to his title or nickname, or any other capacity, and our inventory flags of the definite article (the), and Knahm (father or mother) quest for knowledge was known as (Abu Suleiman), for example, , is a character in the Seine, with knowledge of his name (or good) in kha letter, and so on. That we refer to the nickname that became famous after his name and surname of revenue.



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