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Sura Ali Alhodaifi voice without Net
Sheikh Saad al Ghamdi (1 May 1387 - August 7, 1967), is an imam and Koran reader of the Eastern Province in Saudi Arabia ..
He studied in the city of Dammam all academic levels. During which he was a lover of youth activity, he has participated in the summer centers and workshops teaching the Koran and libraries, which were in turn develop skills among young people and months, the skills that they take care of her charity these gatherings are Aliqra talent and chanting. Sheikh has walked in his debut singing career in 1405, Sheikh has emerged in this area. It has some of the songs that have gained acceptance among people filmstrips songs Dammam First and Second Among the most famous Onascidh (ours this world for centuries) and (West)
Sheikh graduated from the University of Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University in Al-Ahsa (College of Sharia and specialization of Theology) in 1410. Since entering the Sheikh of the University it was keen to review the Qur'an and his mastery. In 1410 he completed memorizing the Quran in full. Sheikh has emerged at the time as an entrepreneur beautiful voice reciting the Koran.
Dear know that Sura blessing solve all our problems, they are a lifeline for each infected injured witchcraft or touch or eye, anxiety or depression, narrated that Abu Amama said: The Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him said: (Read the Sura is taken pond and leave heartbreak and they can bear heroine) and heroine: they are witches.
And Sura is a dose of hope to those who did not succeed in this life and all those who wanted to happiness in this world suffers a bored and boring in his life, Vngat of weighed worries and sorrows and misfortunes chest, and take the hand of the lost dearly, and aids this Surah precious each patient and Atomic campus and send a glimmer hope again.
Is there a more beautiful than to expel the devil out of your home! There is no longer a place where Osawsh !!! If you read this Surah us, Abu Hurayrah may Allah be pleased with him, said: The Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him: "Do not make your houses the tombs of the devil runs away from home who read the Sura." narrated by Muslim.
Sura application on Android
Sura voice Saad Al-Ghamdi without Net special application can be to listen to Surat Al-Baqarah voice Hudhaifi without Net written, as well as keeping Sura voice Saad Al-Ghamdi without the Net, the program that your hands Dear brothers can listen and download the Download Sura full voice Saad Al-Ghamdi without the Net, Sura longest in the Koran and the most as well, they are the mercy of the Lord of heaven to the human beings, find the drug for every disease, whether psychological or physical, for small or large.
Send life in parts of yourself with this application that enables you to listen to the voice of the reader Sura "Saad Al-Ghamdi," without the need for Internet quite easily.
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We hope that you like it and gain hope that you will evaluate the program and published We are always available for any question or suggestion can contact us through the mail is.



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