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Cafe SugarDrop official app in Iwate Oshu!
SugarDrop is a cafe that has gotten very popular to people of the woman who was to open in September 2015.
It is in the car shop! Lunch "SugarDrop"
Delicious or lunch are you feeling in the sugar drop while admiring the cool car.
Vegetables and fruits and milk, and easy to drink, such as the so of juice in blender yogurt. Vegetable hater of children, become a vegetable scarce adult of you, why not take delicious nutrition?
Now, there is also the topic of the green smoothie.
«Cafe time»
Such as homemade pancakes and French toast that fruit was riding a lot, we recommend when that might hungry little stomach.
I do not have time to dine slowly! Can not make without eyes is tied from the naughty kids! !
Takeaway of [Cafe Menu] [Drink Menu] is to such people is also recommended. Popular omelet or Neapolitan is also [TAKE OUT] OK. Take-away, please call in advance! ! Contact with Otsukuri
We are waiting.
The store also offers a children's space! You can also dine with children!
The official app of the cafe SugarDrop in Iwate Oshu, is an app it is such a thing ♪
● collecting stamps, you can exchange such as the goods and services.
● has been issued, you can use the coupon from the app.
● You can see the menu of your store!
● You can also view photos of the shop appearance and introspection.



Version: 1.9

Requires: Android2.3 or later


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