会津 焼き肉・ラーメン 渡 公式アプリ

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Is roast ramen passed the official app in the Aizu Fukushima!
Passed -WATARI- is, provided I would like to spend a fun meal time with friends congenial the roast / noodles / with pot, and a menu of such sticking pricing, a good time to all customers in the shop of atmosphere you I will do.
Look at the eyes, taste in the tongue, offers a convincing cuisine.
In Aizu roast ramen passed official app, app can such a thing ♪
● collecting stamps, you can exchange such as the goods and services.
● has been issued, you can use the coupon from the app.
● You can see the menu of your store!
● You can also view photos of the shop appearance and introspection.



Version: 1.9

Requires: Android2.3 or later


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