JaneStyle for 5ちゃんねる(5ch.net)

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メール: support+android@janestyle.net
■ The main features of the JaneStyle
· Unpleasant writing barebone ability to hide in automatically
Pop-up the same speaker-less
Less marked with easily grasp the remark, less number coloring function
- The content of the image is self-explanatory, inline thumbnail function
· Favorite threads and check to read the thread at high speed if there is a new
• The following attrition candidate search to be easy to find the next thread
■ defect report
Defect report is accepted by e-mail.
E-mail: support+android@janestyle.net
Review also has been confirmed, but easy it is cause becomes clear that if by e-mail, fixes faster.

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What's New JaneStyle

- 画像アップロードができなくなった不具合を修正しました
- クラッシュする不具合を修正しました



Version: 2.1.9

Requires: Android 4.4 or later


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