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Get a fast, smooth experience on your Android phone. Easy to see the gestures of the operation is extremely gorgeous 3D effects smooth operation feel stunning new 3D home screen switching effect elegant and efficient full 3D screen preview interface is very space-sensitive screen management interface. Powerful computer cloud services to help you find the people around are using the application, automatically help you choose what you often search for, close to choose your favorite applications.
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This set of topics details:
This is a spider web-based mobile phone theme, for any mobile phone, whether Apple or Samsung mobile phone,Cobweb spider web net thing which looks like a net. Style simple and clear, with a huge spider web as the background of the wallpaper, the icon is crawling spider, black and white as the keynote, both the modern style of simple and clear, and abstract style of dazzling, so that your phone instantly , Unique and attractive, has a unique beauty and charm. Spider is an animal, is an insect, you can spit silk net, capture food, such as flies and other small insects, cobweb has a sticky, you can stick in the small insects flying, it can not move, and finally become a spider Breakfast Lunch Dinner snacks and other midnight snack.In the ancient East, the legend of the spider, in the modern civilization of the West, the Hollywood film has a very famous heroic image of spider man, the spider- With the launch of the network to break the bad guys and monsters, to defeat the enemy, to protect the people, known as the film books in the literature of a classic hero image, there are many fans, the interpretation of Spider-Man is also known as idol hero, ability high-strength.The cobweb looks simple and generous by the three smaller cobwebs,network catch with a net cover as with a net spider araneid animal insect spin trypophobia complex special individuality personality character selfhood selfdom larruping unique particular,the criss-cross the lines, people dizziness, if you unfortunately have intensive phobia,untouchable characteristic distinct especially ad hoc in particular specialties appreciation of the beauty morden times style praise cool dizziness daze network will not be able to adapt to this style, if you have excellent Vision, happy attitude, will appreciate it, and accept other people on your cell phone wallpaper praise and envy, have a good mood, full of hope for life. This theme is suitable for anyone, children, adults, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls can download.
This theme with the cheetah launcher does not support any other launcheres systems such as halo launcher go launcher solo launcher.
CM Launcher Supported languages: English, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Indonesian, Turkish, German, Portuguese, French, Vietnamese, Arabic, Thai, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Hungarian, Croatian , Greek, Malay, Dutch, Slovak, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Serbian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese. And other countries and regions 26 kinds of commonly used languages.
CM launcher 3D uses a self-developed 3D graphics engine, has a large number of 3D graphics effects, bid farewell to the monotonous flat effect, to bring you smooth, cool, fun full operating experience and visual enjoyment.
Not account for system resources, speed up the mobile phone system, start speed 100%. Open APP fast, search APP fast, search page fast.We have been compatible with Samsung \ Sony \ Huawei \ Microsoft and so the vast majority of Andrews mobile phones.
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Version: 1.1.3

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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