رسائل و صور جمعة مباركة

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Do you remember every week Dae on Friday blessed, who said the Messenger of Allah and peace be upon him that the answer to an hour Iwagaha slave believer, but God calls and answer. Do you think the day Taku indicative of good and have you pay 'prayers answered to your Muslim brother Every time complacent and send messages and photos Juma blessing from your mobile phone your friends and your brothers have done well under way Bajrha and wages of re-sent.
So we have prepared the application letters and photos Juma blessing and that has many, and many of the pictures on Friday and Islamist backgrounds and Juma messages blessing.
We hope that you like it and have the application and satisfaction of God and you are Nfna welfare business and long as you unharmed.



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Requires: Android2.2 or later


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