Best Hindi Paheliya पहेलियाँ उत्तर सहित

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Best Paheli in Hindi
Paheli in Hindi contains huge collections with their answer in Hindi.
Best Hindi Paheliya
paheliyan in hindi
Our Hindi "Best Paheli in Hindi" having Number of Paheli in Hindi which is related to our daily life and riddles etc.
it will be some good moment for them having discussion about Riddles (Paheli).
* Best paheli
* Nice Interface
* riddles in hindi
* Few Paheli are specially added for children
* riddles - Paheli are Simple, but others will think for answer .
* It's always fun to solve Paheli.
* Share to your friends and check your Friends answar's.
* Best Paheli in Hindi
This app contains collection of Paheli with clean and clear interface in Hindi text with correct answers to each Paheli.
A unique collection of Paheli in Hindi.
Presenting a unique collection of world famous tough puzzles in Hindi. These paheli are very tough to solve but once you know the logic behind it is fun to ponder and ask to others.
These are collected from very tough interview questions.
Paheli or Riddles is all about teasing your brain and exercising your logic, deduction, and reasoning skills! Test your skills on tons of fun riddles!
Give each riddle your best shot and then tap in your answer.
Some riddles are easy, but others will take some thinking.
A clean and clear interface and Hindi text with correct answers to each Paheli.
We have also written all Paheli(s) in Hindi so that our Hindi readers can read them clearly.
This is great pleasure reading in your language.
You can use this app to have access to number of riddles (Paheliyan) and amaze your friends with funny anf mind twisting riddles.
We are happy to add new hindi puzzles time to time. Please read these puzzles and give us feedback. If you are not to understand any of the puzzles, feel free to mail us, we'll give detailed answers.
* Free & Offline Best Peheli in Hindi.
Be Happy Every Moment...
** Thank you ***



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