Jothida Thedal - ஜோதிட மற்றும் ஆன்மிக தேடல்

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ஜோதிட ஆன்மிக தேடல்(Astrological spiritual search) – completely free app available in the Tamil Language where you can find the solutions for all the questions related to astrology, spirituality, doshangal, gods, omens, tithi, porutham, etc.
This free jothidar questions in tamil offline app helps us to find solutions for astrology related doubts. Also, this app gives you the remedies or atones for the evil things that you come across in your dreams.
This Palli dosham questions app is a collection of 2200+ astrology question answer categorized into 17 categories, as follows:
Aanmeegam / Spirituality – you can find questions related to education, ornaments, traditions, vehicles, Family life, Orthodoxy questions, etc
urvana / Reptiles – This category covers the questions related to Snake, Ants, Lizards, etc
kadavul / God – Questions related to benefits of worshipping different gods
kanavu / Dreams – This category consist of questions with the explanation of dreams that you come across in sleep
kulatheyvam / Kuladevata – Questions related to when to worship kuladeivam and what poojas to be offered, etc
Sakunam / Omen /augury – Meaning of omens such as cat, lizard, owl, crow, etc are given in this category
Jothidam / astrology – questions related to all astrology aspects are given in this category.
Tamil Matham / Tamil Month – questions related to benefits of tamil month sich as chitrai, vaikasi to panguni are given in this category.
Thithi / Tithi – ammavasai, navami, ashtami questions related to thithi are covered in this category
Doshangal / Dosha – Nagadosham, Sevvai dosham, Brahmakathi dosham, pithru dosham, etc and remedies for these dosham are covered n this category.
Natchathiram / Naksthra / Star – Questions related to all the 36 stars such as pirantha natchathiram / birth star, Jenma Naksthra, Akkni Naksthra, etc are covered in this category.
Porutham / Matching – this category covers the questions with meaning related to porutham for marriage matching.
Macham / Mole – benefits of mole that you find in your body parts like ear, chin, cheek, hands, legs, nose, etc
Rasi / Zodiac – questions about 12 rasi / 12 zodiac signs are given in this category
Ruthraksham / Rudraksha – you can find questions related to when and how to wear rudraksha and benefits of wearing rudraksha
Viratham / Fasting – to which god and on which day you need to follow fasting, and its benefits are covered in this category.
Vilaku / Lamp / Deepam – At which time you need to light the lamp and which lamp you need to use, different types of lamps such as string lamp, sand lamp, and oil used to light the lamp are given in this category.
You can view this Tamil Astrology questions in category wise.
You can download astrology and horoscope app at free of cost.
You can access our free astrology question app in offline mode.
You can share this Tamil dream meanings / Daily dream questions with your friends.
You can easily scroll through the various categories in this spirituality questions in tamil app.
This Tamil Horoscope questions app in tamil has friendly user interface.



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