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Guidance and psychological counseling
Author: Dr. Hamid Abdul Salam Zahran
 The idea of ​​writing this book originated in London in 1966 when he was the author envoy and the day that he received his doctorate in counseling degree, to capitalize on what he read, and what made the research and studies, and returned the author to Cairo, and God willing, that are busy teaching at the Department of Mental Health, Faculty of Education, Ain University sun, psychological counseling and psychiatric clinic affiliated. In the meantime, the work that had begun earlier in the year 1962 and is author of "Dictionary of Psychology" Then came the role of "the same growth aware" and the book "Social Psychology," and the book "Mental Health and Psychotherapy," This is in addition to the a number of other studies and research in psychological counseling and psychotherapy process ", and this is in addition to a number of studies and research in counseling and psychotherapy process, and in the self-concept, and psychological trends, and in children and youth problems ... etc. God and wanted to book assets remain in It continues to grow until he was seconded to the author's College of Education, King Abdul Aziz University in Makkah, and in this country, the Secretary was this book the praise of God.
As for the subjects of the book is going at in the order spearheaded the introduction deals with the concept of guidance and counseling, and the fields, and science related, and need for, and objectives, and methods and the past, present and future of science and art, are the foundations of guidance and psychological counseling, and includes general principles, philosophical, psychological, educational and social , and nervousness. Then the book deals with guidance and counseling theories, most notably the self-theory, and the theory of the field, and behavioral theory, and the theory of personality factors. Then addresses required for psychological counseling for the general data about the customer information, and his problem, his character physically, mentally, socially and emotionally, the book turns to the means of gathering information in counseling, such as observation, interview, and case studies, and the history of life



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