Пан Агент. Мобильная торговля.

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Ban Agent - advanced system of mobile sales.
Actual on-site technology trade and competent management of the sales representatives for companies in all industries.
Ban Agent trade turns into an exciting game. It optimizes the flow of goods, ensures reliable control and reduce costs, stimulate sales growth. The program is designed with a mind and love, so it meets the highest expectations, and easily adapts to your needs.
What do you get by installing Pan Agent?
Here are some possibilities:
- Full control over the staff;
- Easy seamless integration with 1C: Enterprise or any other;
- Visual GPS-tracking of the movements of the report with a record of all the agents actions;
- Collection of orders, receipt of applications, trade with wheels (preselling, vanselling);
- Sales history, and the recommended order;
- Documents to work with the cashier;
- Management of mutual settlements, tools for working with debt;
- Refunds from suppliers and customers;
- Mnogoskladskoy mnogofirmenny and accounting;
- Individual price lists support;
- Multilevel governance discounts and restrictions on prices;
- Merchandising, calculations monitoring, planogram;
- Support for multiple units of measure and quantum of shipment;
- Support for multiple databases with zero transfer time;
- Subtle differentiation of access rights;
- Designed reports, graphs and charts;
- Sending messages to agents;
- Two-way communication through the Internet.



Version: 2.0.60

Requires: Android4.2 or later


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