تقرير المدفوعات 2016

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Payments Report 2016 is the best way to learn everything about the e-commerce sector. Beaufort was prepared by the company.
You'll discover within the report changes that are reshaping the e-commerce in the Middle East through the comparison of the Middle East and the statistics back to 2014 where it will be your guide trip in a world population that will lead to innovation. Give your customers an impressive experience by entering into a tour inside the mind of Arab shoppers where we surveyed consumers in the Arab region to discover how to adapt and respond with e-commerce and growth in addition, gives you the experience of learning the application of the experiences of others wisely showing you a general overview of the main challenges that we set for e-commerce in the Middle East and find out what the industry experts, and what they say about the current state and future of the industry. We have my books in collaboration with the company as a partner of digital publishing to allow the report to all digital libraries. We hope you like it and how to submit the report and we hope also to be adopted as a starting point for the journey to understand the state of payments in the Arab world.



Version: 1.2

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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