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This application "pentacles (talisman) 3d" represents the list of talismans for use in everyday life. Solomon was given the key and shared it with the world through his writings.
The list of talismans:
1. The Great Pentate of Solomon
2. Talisman of Happiness
3. Talisman for the Box
4. Danger protection talisman
5. Talisman for possessions treasures
6. Talisman for the taming of spirits
7. Talisman for invulnerability in war
8. Talisman for many goods
9. Talisman for liberation from bondage
10. Talisman for gaining patronage
11. Talisman to achieve the conceived
12. Talisman to stir up friendship
13. Talisman to attract or remove
14. Talisman for strengthening memory
15. Talisman for speeders and fishermen
16. Talisman of the submission of spirits of Venus
17. Talisman of the submission of Saturn's spirits
18. Talisman for increasing welfare
19. The mascot of submission to the spirits of Jupiter
20. Talisman for growing cattle
21. Talisman for speeding up the run
22. Talisman for winning favors
23. Talisman for luck
24. Talisman's ability to teach
25. Talisman for the submission of the spirits of Mars
26. Talisman for the inaccessibility of fortresses
27. Talisman of submission of salamanders
28. Talisman for removing sadness
29. Talisman to avoid injury
30. Talisman for removing fear and spoilage
31. Talisman for the winners in the processes
32. Talisman for strengthening the natural heat
33. Talisman for counteracting poison and magic
34. Talisman for safe travels
35. Talisman for curing diseases
36. Talisman for good luck in trading and playing
37. Talisman for curing paralysisg
38. Talisman for submission to the spirits of Sagittarius
39. Talisman to avoid stealing
40. Talisman for the success of buildings
41. Talisman for fast walking
42. Charm to change the weather
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