استخاره با قرآن

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The software will help you to trust in divination by the Qur'an and the Qur'an Brkhda can choose the right way ....
Divination literally means wanting the best thing to ask for is good in terms of good and evil is a form of prayer in which the man is worn. Sheikh Mufid divination to ask the good Lord knows. Divination or to leave it permissible for recommended because of their contradiction with it is another recommended
Imam Ali (AS) said:
In divination and seeking the good things of God, do not vote and that their vote on what may have someone who has been his destruction.
Program divination by the Qur'an:
Every time I ask for the grace divination in three areas you will answer
Overall 1.ntyjh divination
Your good marriage 2.ntyjh
3.ntyjh good deal for you
The program looks simple and chic
Wherever you are without having to Quran divination and trust in God to choose the right way ...
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Divination by the Quran, the Quran divination, divination



Version: 0.5.B

Requires: Android2.0 or later


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