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This application is a science that can be used in conjunction with the October 2016 issue of Child magazine's "augmented reality" application.
Science in Child magazine newsstand, bookstore and you'll find some supermarkets.
For more detailed information on the application; You can view the renovation address.
Science can listen to the sound of birds you see in the October issue of Child magazine to your smartphone or tablet. You can experience the augmented reality experience the cover of your magazine. "Birds and Winter Season" You can watch videos about birds in writing. Download the Science Kid application before it. Open the application. Then, hold on one of the pictures on your device. If you encounter a problem while using the app, follow the instructions.
NOTE: If you have a camera with a question about the use of your device the first boot, you must allow the use of cameras.
Children's Science Magazine
Science Kid, a popular science magazine, 64 pages of the 15 of each month. magazine, published monthly since 1998, appealing to children at age 7 and above. Monthly average number of prints 150,000 units. a language that everyone can understand and Essays in the magazine with words, activity suggestions, interactive corners and comics who ranks. playing cards with the magazine, desktop games, models, masks, writing in the journals such as posters and booklets are given supportive attachments. The aim of the journal is to popularize science to children from the early years; make children realize they can contribute to the scientific world; do research, ask questions, and to arouse the curiosity to read requests; show that a part of the life sciences and to encourage the reader to make inventions. is



Version: 1.01

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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