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Experience the true joy of mobile banking with India’s most sincere digital bank- Paytm Payments Bank. 

Paytm Payments Bank App lets you access your account and manage your finances anytime & anywhere! Get a free Digital Debit Card, make quick Online Money Transfers, Open Bank Account, avail many benefits of Zero Balance Savings Account, Fixed Deposit Account and much more!
What is Payments Bank?
We are a one-stop banking solution to all your banking needs. Strengthening India towards becoming a cashless economy, Paytm Payments Bank- an RBI-approved Payments Bank provides deposit and payment services to customers across the nation.
Paytm Payments Bank App
Our Payments Bank mobile application is packed with powerful features and intuitive interface. Perform all types of banking tasks in just a few easy taps and enjoy the perks of banking from the convenience of your mobile.
With Payments Bank, you can-
Open Savings Account
Get a Rupay Debit Card
Avail Money Transfer Services
Debit Card/ATM Card
You get a free digital debit card online with your Payments Bank account. For physical ATM cards, order it straight away from your Paytm Payments Bank app. In the least possible time, your debit card will be delivered right to your doorstep. The Paytm Payments Bank debit card is just like any other ATM card.
Uses & Benefits of Debit Card
Withdraw Cash
Domestic Airport Lounge Access
Pay at stores across India
Online Payments
Free Insurance
Cashback & Offers
Concierge Services
Accept money via QR code on card & so on
Online Money Transfer
Fund transfer with Payments Bank account is the most trouble-free process. Our Online money transfer services are safe, reliable and speedy. Transfer funds to any bank in India using-
Digital Savings Bank Account
Open a zero balance Savings Account with Paytm Payments Bank in short and quick online steps. Enjoy its various benefits like zero opening charges, minimum balance requirements to name a few. Keep deposits and enjoy our secure & flawless phone banking services that too free of cost :)
Avail Other Incredible Offers and Benefits Like-
        Earn interest every month
        RuPay Debit Card
        Risk-free Deposits
        Zero account fees and charges
Fixed Deposit Account (FD)
If your daily account balance exceeds Rs. 1,00,000 automatically a fixed deposit account is created of the exceeded amount. Our first-of-its kind facility to create a linked Fixed Deposit saves you from the troubles of paperwork and offers you an amazing saving experience.
Other Benefits of FD Account-
        Earn up to 7.65% interest per annum
        Instant Redemption
        Zero Charges when redeemed before maturity
        FD details available in Passbook
How To Get Started?
To create a Payments Bank account online, follow the below steps-
        Download Paytm Payments Bank App
        Set a passcode and provide nominee details
        Do KYC, if required
        That’s all!
24x7 Customer Care: For any concerns and queries, call us directly on our customer care helpline number - 0120-4456-456 and we will be happy to assist you :)
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