Пословицы народов мира

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The collection of 25,000 proverbs and sayings of various peoples of the world.
All proverbs are divided into 94 categories according to their belonging to a particular nation.
For ease of use in an application implemented to search for, as the entire basis of proverbs, and in particular the category.
When looking at the entire base of proverbs, you can see which category each of the proverb found if short press on it.
In addition to searching, proverbs can be viewed at random. Clicking on any proverb for 2 seconds. will be available to the context menu.
Through the context menu of the application can be published proverbs in social networks: VKontakte, Classmates, My World, Facebook and Twitter. The application allows you to customize the context menu and remove unnecessary references to the network. Also in the settings, you can set the theme of the widget.
So you can collect your personal profile Selected proverbs, sayings interesting copy to the clipboard, send any proverb in the third-party application, such as a text editor, or an application to send SMS.
The application is distributed for free! Maybe in the future it will be possible to disable ads in the app. We look forward to your feedback and suggestions for improvement.



Version: 2.11

Requires: Android2.3.3 or later


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