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1000 days Applied spot gold is not to be missed for pregnant mothers and the fathers, mothers, child care in the first 2 years of life. During the unprecedented 1000 days from pregnancy to the child turns 2 times, the application will always provide you with the knowledge, information and experiences remind useful for each stage.
- Update the development of the fetus and the baby in each week
- Every day a reference: from a to z of nutrition during pregnancy, the mother exercises for pregnant, caring for children, revealed the secret development of infant intelligence, tips to stay healthy & beauty for mother ...
- Reminder to do daily: practical suggestions for parents to accompany children confident all the way to the 1000 days to solid start
- The powerful tool: As expected delivery date; Development image of pregnancy; Track your weight during pregnancy; Vaccination schedule; Note to breastfeeding mothers; Infant safety, and more
- Connect with the community of modern parents and dynamic: Sharing experience parenthood with hundreds of thousands of fathers, mothers and looking for a companion in the journey of parenting on



Version: 1.5

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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