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Atlantis-Pak. Skins, bags, films for dairy and meat industry.
Appendix Atlantis-Pak: a catalog of products and VAS, the latest information about new products, the calculation of benefits during the transition to our cladding, bags and film, process documentation, international certifications and contacts. The app works without an internet connection - once and download the necessary information is always at hand.
Products and VAS - daily assistant technologist, marketer, and a procurement specialist food industry. The catalog contains information about all the current products of the company: description, properties, advantages, photos. article directory can be sorted by application - for cooked sausages, cheese, etc., and by function - Package maturation wrapper from / to the sausages, etc.
Benefits Calculator - a simple and user-friendly business simulator, which allows to compare the efficiency of products, "Atlantis-Pak" with products from other manufacturers. The calculator takes into account the benefits of key parameters, such as the percentage of overflow caliber shell flow, etc.
Documentation and international certificates - in the application are production schedules for all existing products company. This means that no longer need to check with paper copies of documents when working in the workshop.
Contact offices, branches and dealers - all that is needed to find the "Atlantis-Pak" in your region.
Run the application Atlantis-Pak and work your way into the world of functional plastic solutions №1.



Version: 1.2

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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