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Every bootlegger often faced with tedious calculations. Our app will help you simplify the process of brewing and make it enjoyable and relaxed.
This appendix contains calculators:
1. The calculation of the number of "heads"
2. Sort moonshine
3. Dilution water moonshine
4. Dilution of alcohol-containing liquid
5. The calculation of the components of sugar and mash feeding
6. Replacement of glucose sugar
7. The boiling point Fortress
8. The rate of steam
9. Adding water to the desired temperature
10. The temperature of the mixture of two liquids
11. The volume of a cylinder
12. indications alcoholmeters correction depending on the temperature of the alcohol
Additional features of the program:
1. Convenient notebook in which you can store both your drink recipes and other notes and memos.
2. Access to the recipe, which is loaded from our website and will be updated periodically.
Write in a review what calculators or features you'd like to add here. We will consider all proposals and will take note of.
The paid version is different from this lack of advertising.
Updates in version 1.0.3:
1. Added support for hardware button "Back"
2. Added "Settings", where you can increase the font size
3. Added readings correction calculator alcoholmeters depending on the temperature of the alcohol



Version: 1.0.4

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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