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Georg F. Borne (Fyulborn Georg (1837-1902)) - a recognized master of adventure-adventure novel - the greatest master of the narrative, perfectly comprehended the set of techniques and copyright tricks that allow to keep the reader in suspense. He had the talent to weave in the fictional intrigue of real historical figures, some of them at a time lived and ruled in Europe.
The writer rightly called "the German Dumas". Thanks to his talent, the reader is able not only to read a fascinating story, but also to fill gaps in history education.
We offer a historical novel Georg F. Bourne "Sultan and his enemies" (eng. Trans. 1877) The reader will be transferred to the banks of the Bosphorus, in the Sultanate era of Abdul-Aziz and his powerful enemy Mansur Effendi, plunge into the intricacies of court intrigue, penetrate into the inner sanctum - the Sultan's harem.
When making the application it has been used as a picture School of Paul Emil Jacobs - The Pasha's Favourite (Ali Pasha and Kira Vassiliki)
The application developer New Apps Land aims to popularize the works of classical Russian and foreign literature among a new generation of readers.
To create users reading a real book impression created in the application page turning effect.
Applications New Apps Land are free. Applications do not prompt the user for sending SMS from mobile phones to premium rate numbers and do not track personal information.
As a small compensation for the work of the creator of the application in the advertising module Admob integrated application
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