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Men's news - the satellite of this man.
Perhaps reading the news without the Internet (for this news, you must first download). Modes downloads, both text and graphics, can be customized as you wish.
Attention! Do not look here for eroticism and dirt.
Used sources:
Popular Mechanics - a great site for real men!
Militarists - Most of the very important! On weapons! About people with this weapon. And ... about the world. Very interesting! - article. Smart article. Qualitative event driven analytics. No race for every second news. Behind them can not keep up!
MAXIM. Very interesting men's magazine. Unexpected articles on topical issues forever.
MEN'S HEALTH. Russian version is very popular men's magazine. Daily news and articles, expert advice and blogs
LAYFHAKER. Useful tips about everything to fine tune your life.
FAKTURUM. Facts for every taste. News, myths and gossip from the world of science and the people.
AROUND THE WORLD. News of science, technology and society around the world. The world is not the same everywhere!
OHOTNIKI.RU. News, articles, reviews about hunting, hunting weapons, ammunition, dogs, art.
RUSSIAN HUNTING MAGAZINE. All about hunting and hunters. The wealth of information about your favorite hobby.
Birds of a feather. Fishing in any color and taste. News about fishing. The area of ​​fishing. All about fishing!
Fishing with us. Publications of all kinds of fishing, tackle, fishing routes, water activities!
ANEKDOTOV.NET best stories. Funny, funny and sometimes serious.
SMARTFICTION. Qualitative literature. Short and fun.
The ideal source of news to read on the subway, and the plane. All articles are downloaded to the device and can be read in a mode off-line.
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